Wusthof Classic IKON Fourteen Piece Block Set

Whether you are a home cook, an amateur line cook, or a professional chef, it is critical that you have the right and well-balanced knives in your kitchen, and it could well be this Wusthof Classic 14-Piece Block Set.

Classic IKON Fourteen Piece Block Set

Since knives are what you spend most of your time using in the kitchen, it is worth spending some time choosing the best set that suits you. 

But don't worry, WÜSTHOF, a family-owned company, is there for you!

Known for their durable and elegant blades and crafted in Solingen, Germany, WÜSTHOF continues its legacy of satisfying cooks and chefs since 1814. The Wusthof Classic Ikon 14-Piece Knife Block set of Wusthof comes with all the essential knives needed to start or add to any knife set.

Things to remember

Not all kinds of knives do the same job. Each knife has its own uses. Using the correct knife for each task improves the quality of the job you do and keeps you safe. This 14 piece set has all you need, including paring, utility, bread, chopping, using Hollow Edge Santoku blades! 

This set also includes four super sharp steak blades, which slice through meats effortlessly. And you can easily keep all the edges sharp with the included honing steel.

Wusthof Classic High Carbon Steel Knife Paring Knife, 3.5 Inch

3.5" Paring Knife 

Use this paring knife when you need to do small precise prep work. For peeling veg or slicing fruit, for when you want lots of control

Wusthof Classic 4110 Serrated Utility Knife, 5 Inch

5" Serrated Utility Knife

The serrated blade is great to cut or slice smaller ingredients, maybe your tomato or fruit, and can be used on bread, a versatile knife

Wusthof Classic 4110 Serrated Utility Knife, 5 Inch

If you want a powerful tool that lets you maneuver with strength, then this is it. The five-inch knife makes cutting and chopping easier, things like bagels, carrots, and much more.

Wusthof Classic 6-Inch Utility Knife

6" Utility Knife

The slightly longer utility knife is also versatile and used for mincing , finely chopping herbs as well as cutting veg or slicing or dicing meat 

Wusthof Classic 8-Inch Hollow Edge Wunder Knife

7" Hollow Edge Santoku Knife

A knife which will prepare a vast array of fresh produce, even those harder veg like potatoes or pumpkins, which would stick to a regular knife blade

WÜSTHOF Model , Gourmet 8 Inch Bread Knife, Serrated Edge | Precise Laser Cut High-Carbon Stainless Steel German Made

8" Bread Knife

The Bread Knive has a sharp, serrated stainless steel blade to cut through loaves of bread, soft or hard, with the handle designed not to slip

The Bread Knive has a sharp, serrated stainless steel blade to cut through loaves of bread, soft or hard, with the handle designed not to slip

WÜSTHOF Classic 8 Inch Chef’s Knife,Black,8-Inch

8" Chef Knife

a very multi-purpose knife the one you always reach for.  Used for mincing, slicing, and chopping vegetables, slicing meat, and disjointing large cuts 

Wusthof Classic 8-Inch Hollow Edge Wunder Knife

8" Hollow Edge Wunder Knife

Wusthof Wunder Knife is used for anything, the multi-functional  hollow edges allow for an effortless cut through foods without sticking to the blade

Wusthof 4.5 Inch Forged Steak Knife Set, Classic Series | Full Tang, High Carbon Stainless Steel, Straight Edged Blade, 4 Piece Set

Four 4.5" Steak Knives

Steak knives are sharp table knives primarily used for cutting meat, especially steak..

Wüsthof - 10" Knife Sharpening Steel with Loop

10" Sharpening Steel with Loop

high-quality knives can gradually dull over time: therefore a honing steel should be used often. You only need a few strokes of both sides of the knife over the sharpening steel to help maintain the sharpness of a the blade. 

Wusthof WU5558 Kitchen Shears, 8", Black

Come-Apart Kitchen Shears

Shears for food, should come-apart for cleaning. very important for health, to prevent any food particles that remaining in the pivot screw

Classic IKON Fourteen Piece Block Set

Light Birch Knife Block

A knife block will can organize your knives, keep your fingers safer and save drawer space

WÜSTHOF Knives Feature;

  • Precision-forged full tang, high-carbon stain-resistant stainless steel
  • Precision Edge Technology (Peter) edge enhances the sharpness 20% and lasts twice as long
  • 58 Rockwell Hardness
  • Classic Ikon knives have a 14° cutting edge on each side, which reduces the drag during slicing, allowing for smooth, effortless cutting
  • Contoured 3-riveted black synthetic handle, designed for comfort and control
  • Each knife blade is completely buffed and elegantly polished
  • Specially designed true bolster for safety and handling ease
  • Ergonomic pebble-textured handle
  • The elegant polish make the products look great
  • Made in Solingen, Germany
  • Lifetime warranty

Why You Should Buy Them

Wusthof customer satisfaction is consistently high, and Wusthof has so many happy reviewers.

The Wusthof classic knife blades become second nature to their user, like a part of you, and become very easy to use.

Wusthof has manufactured these knives with quality steel that is put through extreme heat and hand molding to enhance the flexibility, density, and hardness of the blade. 

Knives are more than just a steel blade mounted in a handle. And since they are the most used tools of all chefs and home cooks, a lot of precision and effort goes into making a knife and improving all their features for your benefit.


The handles are formed to give excellent control and comfort. Users report they love that the knives are easy to turn and use and have a comfortable grip.

The thinner, sharper blades allow full sharpening right to the heel, which seems very appreciated.

Most customers love the Wusthof company.

Why These Knives May Not Be For You

Not dishwasher friendly, though quality knives should be hand washed anyway.

They do need maintenance from time to time.

When compared with Shun knives, these utensils are heavier steel and are a little heavier to use.

There is an initial investment.

Use and Storage

Regular honing, cleaning, and proper storage keeps the quality of these knives top-notch. 

To maintain a perfectly sharp edge, it is suggested to hone the blades before or after each use. Regular care prevents blades from deteriorating and keeps your knife skills at the top of their game!

It is also highly recommended to wash the blades thoroughly and adequately with a non-abrasive sponge or brush. Then dry carefully with the edge facing away from you to prevent injuries. 

As with all quality knives, dishwashers could dull the blades and cause the blades to deteriorate. 

Experts recommend three ways of storing the knives; knife blocks, magnetic bar holders, specially designed cases, and space-saving rolls. Luckily this set comes with a specially made knife block to fit your new chopping wizards!


Manufactured with top-notch quality Wusthof Classic Ikon fulfills the required German Industry Standard) and the EN (European Standard) and is fully warranted to be free of defects in material and craftsmanship.

The warranty does not apply for normal depreciation or misuse. 

The warranty does not cover storage accessories


Every one of the fourteen sharp knives will perform essential tasks in your kitchen, so time to replace that old set and enjoy your new Wusthof Classic Ikon 14-piece Knife Block. 

No matter who you are, home cook, an amateur, or a professional chef, this set is an ideal choice for you. 

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