The WUSTHOF Classic 18-Piece Knife Review 2021

Did you know chefs carry out 90% of their kitchen tasks using knives? Yep, that's how vital these utensils are, especially if you are a foodie. WÜSTHOF is known for their durable and elegant blades that have served generations of cooks. There is a chance you have seen your favorite chef using them on TV. So, without further ado, let's look at the WÜSTHOF Classic Eighteen-Piece Knife Block.

A Respected Knife Brand

Wusthof CLASSIC Eighteen Piece Block Set, One Size, Black, Stainless Steel

WÜSTHOF has been helping home cooks, amateur line cooks, and professional chefs since 1814. Maybe you're just starting out in the culinary world or want to boost your slicing skills. Or, you may want to replicate a chef's knife skills cutting an onion as he demonstrates to an eager audience. The WÜSTHOF Classic Eighteen-Piece Knife Block has a specific knife for every task, making it a fabulous addition to your kitchen.

What Is In The WÜSTHOF Classic Eighteen-Piece Knife Block?  

Some dishes require you to perform intricate techniques, which can become a bit tricky. This block of versatile tools will make any recipe easy to accomplish. Let's see what you will get to help you with this

Wusthof Classic Paring Knife, 3.5-Inch

3. 5" Paring knife

WUSTHOF Classic 4.5 Inch Utility Knife

4. 5" Utility knife

Wusthof CLASSIC Six Piece Steak Set, One Size, Black, Stainless Steel

Six 4.5" Steak knives

Wusthof Classic 4110 Serrated Utility Knife, 5 Inch

5" Serrated Utility knife

Wusthof Classic 5" Hollow Edge Santoku Knife with Cutting Board

5" Hollow Edge Santoku knife

Wusthof Classic 6-Inch Utility Knife

6" Utility knife

Wusthof CLASSIC Straight Meat Fork, One Size, Black, Stainless Steel

6" Straight meat fork

Wusthof CLASSIC Bread Knife, One Size, Black, Stainless Steel

8" Bread knife

Wusthof Classic 8-Inch Hollow Edge Wunder Knife

8" Hollow Edge carving knife

Wusthof Urban Farmer 8" Cook's Knife

8" Cook's knife

Wusthof 10-Inch Diamond Sharpening Steel, Wide

10" Steel

Wusthof Come-Apart Kitchen Shears, Black (5558-1)

Come apart kitchen shears

WUSTHOF Block Knife Storage, One Size, Acacia

Durable 17 slot block

Is the WÜSTHOF Classic Eighteen-Piece Knife Block a long term buy?

When it comes to WÜSTHOF knives, durability is a given.

Take any of their knives, julienne a tomato, and see its smooth work. Wusthof has made these German knives with high-quality carbon steel that will help you showcase your hidden knife skills. When it comes to the knives, go for the forged option rather than the typical stamped alternatives. The stainless steel blades may not actually be magic, but they do provide you with maximum strength and a rust and corrosion free long life.

Yes, this eighteen-piece set will make you feel able to try the most challenging and intriguing recipes, so what are you waiting for?

What does the WÜSTHOF Classic Eighteen-Piece Knife Block Feature?

The curved handles that accompany a full tang triple riveter are perhaps its most intriguing feature.    

  • The handles accommodate the natural curvature of your hand with premium heat resistant properties.
  • Forged with a single robust piece of superior carbon Stainless Steel with the latest technology
  • Precision Edge Technology (PEtec) that promotes a method of tempering the knives at 58-degree HRC.
  • 20% sharper blade that ensures extra control and rotation capability
  • Stainless steel blades that cut through meats, vegetables, and fruits with minimum effort
  • The knives come with the famous red Trident logo.
  • The blades will not chip or bend with use and time.
  • Each forged knife has the same authentic core but is distinguished by its resulting shape, balance, and feel in your hand.
  • Optimum sharpness that allows you high reproducible quality.
  • An elegant polish and a long, shiny finish with a disk that makes the product visually pleasing.

WÜSTHOF Classic Model

Here is a fun challenge. Peek into any professional kitchen, and you will find at least one smooth WÜSTHOF knife slicing the task away.

Our reward is seeing our passion transition into finger-licking delights. As a beginner, the knife's full bolster protects your hand while ensuring safety and balance. The powerful blades show off fluid strength, and the handles are very comfortable.

All eighteen knives resist discoloration, which has helped make them est sellers for generations.


Behold! A Limited Lifetime Warranty. Yes, you read that right because this family-owned business always does right by its customers. For seven generations, these knives have graced the kitchens of professional and amateur chefs. Use them with comfort, assurance, and complete control.

Why These Knives May Not Be For You

Without the sharpest tools, your work becomes a chore, which is why an excellent knife set is a must. No matter how exceptional the knives are, it's not ideal for everyone. If you are an amateur home cook seeking to add a pinch of ease to your daily routine, then starting with an eighteen piece set maybe a bit too much. And without care, the sharp blades can slice through skin fast, which may mean it's not the best choice for shaky or nervous users.

Some common cons pointed out by customers are:        

  • The initial performance may be smooth, but the knives' polished edges may be too sharp for first-timers.
  • Like all quality knives, they do not like dishwashers. It is better to hand wash them.
  • As compared to Shun knives, the utensils are made from heavier steel.

Why You Should Buy Them

Foodies love creating and perfecting recipes while adding personal yet significant touches to them. If you count yourself as a foodie, then this is the set for you.

Cut your steak with pro skill. Julienne a carrot. All with next to no effort in the comfort of your home.

What Do People Say About The WÜSTHOF Classic Eighteen-Piece Knife Block?

Let's take a trip down the customer service track and find what they think about this versatile set:    

  • While most customers raved about all eighteen knives, some suggest starting with a smaller set if you are starting out.
  • The high polish finish and finger guard makes it easier to apply speed when in a hurry.
  • The handles provide the much-needed control to rotate the knives easily while cutting meats.
  • The blunt side of the knife can be used to crack open coconuts etc.
  • It is more expensive than typical cheap knife sets.
  • The easy to store block is popular.
  • Makes your cooking time more enjoyable with better results
  • The polyoxymethylene (POM) handles are durable that give a classic feel.
WÜSTHOF Classic 18

The Birth of a WUSTHOF Knife


This set may be on the larger side for those equipping their first kitchen.

This set has the tools for avid cooks and chefs and those that want a knife set that will last and last. For you, it is well worth the investment. You will enjoy these knives for years to come.

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