Is Valentine’s Day For Kids? Make Them Feel Special!

What Does Valentine's Day Mean To You?

Valentine's Day

I remember in my younger days, Valentine's Day wasn't always all that happy.

Sometimes was, sometimes wasn't...
There was worry that it wouldn't live up to expectations.

If it did, guilt about all the extra cost and expense, I mean more than another day!

You know - when the cost of flowers is multiplied by 10, huge cards are everywhere, it 's all so commercial!

What About Valentine's Day For Your Kids?

I reckon that Valentine's Day should be about love. That's it!
Not just romantic love!

What about how you love your kids?
What about how they love you?
Maybe friends, siblings, extended family?
When is all that love celebrated?

So obviously Valentine's Strawberry Red Velvet Pancakes are the answer!!!
Here's the story, and how to make this yummy creation...

Valentine's Day

Kids Valentines Dessert

What I Did To Show My Kids I Love Them

The thing is, of course I love them every day!
Of course, they love me every day!
But I just want them to feel Valentine's Day is for them too.

It's a day to especially notice those they love, and appreciate them.
So I decided to make them a special Valentine's Dessert.
Kids should know it's not always what you buy, but what you do - shouldn't they? 

Red Velvet Strawberry Heart Pancakes

Valentine's Day

Yes - it's a mouthful to say, never mind eat.
It turned out to be bigger than I had imagined - so....
It's not a dessert!
It's Valentine's Day Dinner in our house!
And of course the kids loved that - who wouldn't love dessert for dinner?

But of course being time challenged - it had to be easy to pull together at the last minute.
So here's what I did...

How I Made Valentines Strawberry Red Velvet Pancakes...

I got a tub of strawberry ice cream, which was very pale, so softened it, and deepened the pink color with a touch of red gel color. Then I put it in the freezer to thicken up again.

Also ahead of time, I used a box of red velvet cake mix to make a thick pancake batter, and made the pancakes. 

And I sliced strawberries - have you noticed the natural heart shape before?
And here's the ingredients, and method...

Valentine's Day

Heart Treats


  • Tub of strawberry ice cream
  • Gel food color if required
  • Strawberries
  • Strawberry strap candy
  • Heart shaped candy
  • Mint leaves
  • 2 eggs
  • 1 1/2 cups milk

(This is just what I used - as you can see, it's easy to make this suit you - personalize!)

Valentine's Day

Red Velvet Pancakes


Ahead of time -

  • If required soften ice cream, and deepen pink color with gel color
  • Mix 2 eggs with the red velvet cake mix, add 1 1/2 cups milk, and stir to make thick pancake consistency
  • Cook pancakes on lower heat than usual, as they are thicker, and you want to retain the red color in the pan
  • Slice strawberries vertically
  • Pick mint leaves from the stalks

Make Ice Cream Heart

Heart Mould

Heart Mould

  • Use a heart shaped cookie cutter the size you choose
  • Line the edges of the cookie cutter with the strawberry straps
  • Fill the inside with strawberry ice cream, and press right into edges
  • Place in freezer until serving time, when dessert will all be built together

At Serving Time

  • Reheat pancakes in microwave
  • Place frozen ice cream heart on top
  • Fill the top of ice cream heart with sliced strawberries
  • Place the top strawberries so the natural heart shape is visible
  • Sprinkle the candy hearts around the pancakes
  • Place mint leaves on top of the strawberries
  • Shake chocolate dust, or cinnamon around plate
  • Serve with maple syrup if desired
Valentine's Day dessert

Kids Valentines Dessert

valentine quote

Watch Your Kids Faces!!!

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Heart Dessert

I saw delight when they first saw what dinner was.
Then recognition that it was for Valentine's Day.
Next they looked at me with such happy faces...

And Love!  That's Why!

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