KitchenAid KPEXTA Stand Mixer Pasta Extruder 2021

KitchenAid KPEXTA

KitchenAid KPEXTA is here! How much do you like making your own pasta? It’s not really as much fun buying the prepackaged noodles, and sometimes you just find yourself in the mood for a type of pasta that your kitchen pantry doesn’t have.

But then you can use the KitchenAid KPEXTA Stand-Mixer Pasta-Extruder Attachment with 6 Plates and Housing and you’re all set.

A lot of people gush about this particular attachment, and you’re likely to love it to if you love making pasta in your kitchen.

What Does KitchenAid KPEXTA Do?

KitchenAid KPEXTA

So what does a pasta extruder do, exactly? This is a Kitchenaid pasta extruder attachment that you use with a few select models of the KitchenAid stand-mixer. What it does is to allow you to make a wide range of Italian pasta dishes. You can make large or small macaroni or spaghetti. You can also try your hand at preparing fusilli, bucatini, and rigatoni.

All you need to do is to make the dough, and then you can feed dough chunks the size of walnuts into it. The press contains an auger that catches the pieces of dough which it then forces through the pasta plates. The Kitchenaid pasta extruder then lets out the pasta, and there’s an attached swinging wire arm so you can cut the pasta at the length you want.

Why Do I Need It?

You need it because you like making pasta noodles of different varieties. With this, you have a device that’s extremely easy to use, so the whole process becomes fun. Your pasta also comes out uniform and smooth.

So if you’re a fan of traditional Italian dishes, this is a must-have attachment if you already have a KitchenAid stand mixer that’s compatible. Now instead of working for hours having to roll and cut the dough by hand, you can have fresh results in a few minutes.

This even comes with a cleaning brush for easy maintenance. If you’re not familiar with some Italian dishes, you’ll get the recipes you’ll want to try out.

KitchenAid KPEXTA

How Well Does it Work?

KitchenAid KPEXTA

It works extremely well as the entire process can go very smoothly and quickly. Perhaps the only challenge (if you can call it that) is learning when and where to cut each pasta shape. But you should get a good feel for this in a short while.

Changing the pasta plates is simple and easy, and you can do that without having to detach the extruder from the stand-mixer.

It’s also a snap to assemble and disassemble, as the parts all seem to fit each other firmly and intuitively. Every part feels durable and solidly made, so this should last for a long while.

Additional Tips

Here are a few hand tips that will help you get the most out of your Kitchenaid stand mixer pasta extruder:

This is a great attachment to use for an afternoon of making several batches of pasta to freeze for later. While you can use this for any casual dinner, this thing really excels with bulk production. You can even use it if you run a deli.

You may need to be patient when you use this at first. When you load the hopper and start with a nice fresh batch of pasta, you may need to wait a few minutes before the extruder starts extruding. So don’t worry about whether you did something wrong or if the device is malfunctioning. Just wait.

You shouldn’t fill the hopper too full, or else you’ll get lumps of pasta stuck in the hopper. You can put in 2 or 3 lumps at one time.

You should heed the cleaning instructions and wait an hour for the dough to dry so you can clean the attachment by brushing out the dried pasta. When it’s dry, the pasta will flake away cleanly and with no trouble.


KitchenAid offers a full refund or replacement for their items within 30 days of purchase. However, that’s only if you buy the item from their official website. If you buy Kitchenaid stand mixer attachments, like the pasta roller and cutter, from another seller, you need to contact the seller and work with their refund policy.


  • This measures 5.5 x 5.6 x 8 inches
  • It comes with durable plastic housing.
  • Parts like the pusher tool, pasta ring, and auger are dishwasher-safe.
  • It comes with a case where you can store the 6 pasta plates.
KitchenAid KPEXTA


  • Now you can make up to 6 types of Italian dishes without any sort of trouble. The options are large and small macaroni, spaghetti, bucatini, fusilli, and rigatoni. The package even includes recipes.
  • This is extremely easy and so you don’t end up wasting time.
  • It’s a durable attachment overall, and it’s even easy to clean.
  • It’s great for families and groups of friends who like preparing food together in the kitchen.


  • If you’re impatient, the cleanup may be a bit tricky as you’ll get dough in the pasta plates, auger, and the casing threads.
  • You’ll want to be careful with the wire cutting arm, as any careless act may end up snapping the part.

Consumer Ratings

The consumer reviews for the KitchenAid KPEXTA pasta extruder attachment is extremely positive, with the majority of buyers giving it perfect scores. The results are excellent, everyone who uses it has fun, and you don’t waste time at all.

Who Is KitchenAid KPEXTA Best For?

This is best for those who like to try out various types of Italian cuisine on a regular basis. It’s great for those who like to produce pasta in bulk. It’s also a great attachment for families, as even children will enjoy seeing the extruder in action.

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You should really get this Kitchenaid stand mixer pasta extruder attachment if you’re a fan of Italian cuisine, as you now have a 6-1 device that lets you make lots of different dishes. It’s a great tool for families as the kitchen can be the setting for bonding times among people who enjoy seeing food prepared quickly, easily, and nicely.

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