KitchenAid Multi-Cooker Review 2021

What Is The KitchenAid Multi-Cooker?

KitchenAid Multi-Cooker

This all-in-one KitchenAid Multi-Cooker advertises itself as the small appliance that makes cooking easy.
You have the option to choose from over ten cooking settings from simple everyday food to Masterchef recipes.
Risotto, rice, sear, sauté, simmer, soup, yogurt, boil/steam, slow cook high and low, and keep warm are some of the settings you can use in the KitchenAid Multi-Cooker. It also comes with a Stir tower to help you with mixing, flipping, and stirring ingredients.

With these features, the KitchenAid Multi-Cooker lets you cook like you would on a stovetop but only better. With the Stir Tower, you won't have to mix and stir the ingredients yourself, giving you a hands-free cooking experience.


KitchenAid Multi-Cooker
KitchenAid Multi-Cooker

Risotto, rice, sear, saute, simmer, and slow-cooker options

EvenHeat technology continually monitors the temperature for precise results. EvenHeat is a trademark technology of KitchenAid which ensures that all sides of the food are equally cooked.  

CeramaShield is a coating which is non-stick, scratch resistant, and ptfe/ptfoa free. The cooking pot is also dishwasher safe.

Digital Display for accurate instructions

Keep warm function and timer

Tempered glass lid with pour spout locks the heat and moisture

Stir-tower for hands-free stirring

Choose a variety of design and size  

Why Do I Need The KitchenAid Multi-Cooker?

KitchenAid Multi-Cooker

If you love cooking and value your time, then the KitchenAid Multi-Cooker is perfect for you. You save space in your kitchen because of its multiple uses. Also, you save a lot of time cooking because it cooks food faster. And you get to free up time!
All you have to do is a bit of setting up, and you can leave it while it cooks for you.

What Does The KitchenAid Multi-Cooker Do?

KitchenAid Multi-Cooker

Now that we know about the product, it's time to look at its performance.

Tests show that the KitchenAid Multi-cooker worked quite well on various recipes for multi-cookers with stir tower. From roasted chicken, cooked ham, and caramelized onions, it delivered!

The KitchenAid Multi-cooker is flexible and straightforward to use, however, it can get a little noisy when cooking at a higher speed.
You'd only want to use it also for smaller portions of cooking.

We found out that it reaches 110℉ for yogurt settings. With manual settings, you can heat it from 165℉ to 450℉. Also, The Stir Tower sometimes doesn't do its job correctly. The ingredients sometimes slid along the bottom of the pot. Additionally, if you use the side-scraper blade, it sometimes worsens stirring for large portions.


The KitchenAid Slow Cooker has a 1-year full warranty upon the date of your purchase. It covers replacement parts and repair labor costs. If you want to read more about it, you can read the warranty on their website (PDF).


  • Product Dimensions: 15.5 x 16.5 x 13 inches
  • Item Weight: 16.5 pounds
  • Manufacturer: KitchenAid
  • Stirring Tower: 120 volts
KitchenAid Multi-Cooker
KitchenAid Multi-Cooker
KitchenAid Multi-Cooker


  • Easy to use - Just read the instructions first, and you're all set.
  • Eleven Cook Modes - Risotto, rice, sear, sauté, simmer, soup, yogurt, boil/steam, slow cook (high and low), and keep warm.
  • Hands-Free Convenience - You don't have to monitor it all the time.
  • Stirring made convenient - You'll have your hands free to work on other food prep while the Stir Tower does the stirring for you.
  • Aesthetic and Extra Space for your Kitchen - Looks good on the kitchen and frees up space in the kitchen.


  • Stirring can sometimes mess up - Users report that when using the stir-tower, some ingredients sink to the bottom. But this rarely happens and with proper usage can be avoided.
  • Not suitable for bulk cooking - If you're looking to cook for 10+ people, then it's going to be hard to you use this product.

Consumer Ratings

3.9 out of 5 stars

Quality - 4.5

Value - 4.2

Design - 4.6

Ease of Use - 4.4

Features - 4.4

Innovation - 4.4

Performance - 4.5

Sound levels - 4.1

Capacity - 4.3

Most happy customers reported the product's versatility, convenient cooking, and the quality of cooking the food.

There are a few reports of the stir tower having some food sink to the bottom on occasion.

Who Is this KitchenAid Multi-Cooker Best For?

KitchenAid Multi-Cooker

Anyone can use it! Even if you're an amateur cook or a professional chef, it caters to all levels. We only recommend that it’s not for bulk cooking, and that's it.  

The product comes with an instruction manual. It comes with all the things you need to operate and how to use it properly.

The majority of the user reviews found the instructions easy.  Actually it’s push-button settings.

Quick Video Review


For hands-free cooking, then you should try this out.

The stir-tower is fantastic, and the multi-cooker does its job, though it’s not large enough for bulk cooking.

Overall, the KitchenAid Multi-Cooker is a great appliance that provides convenience, flexibility, more space in your kitchen, and saves you a lot of time.

It doesn't matter if you're new to cooking or experienced, the KitchenAid Multi-Cooker will fit right in!

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