KitchenAid Masticating Juicer and Sauce Attachment 2021

Plenty of health-conscious people nowadays are aware of the nutritious benefits of fresh fruit and vegetable juice. Forget the processed stuff. You need the real thing, with fresh fruits and veggies. If you already have the KitchenAid stand mixer in your kitchen, you don’t need to buy a separate juicer. All you need is to get the KitchenAid Masticating Juicer and Sauce Attachment.

What Does The KitchenAid Masticating Juicer and Sauce Attachment Do?

This is a juicer, which means it extracts the juice from your fresh fruits and vegetables. It comes with an extra wide feed tube, so that you don’t have to chop the fruits too much in order for them to fit. This has its own blade in the design as well, and it slices the fruit and vegetables before juicing.

Once that’s done, you get your juice using the 2-stage slow juicing technology. It removes the pulp as well, so you can just drink your juice right away without having to remove the sieve the pulp out first.

KitchenAid Masticating Juicer

This Kitchenaid sauce attachment also makes sauces and jams as well. The process is similar to juicing, though you don’t need to use the pulp screens.

Why Do I Need The KitchenAid Masticating Juicer and Sauce Attachment?

KitchenAid Masticating Juicer

While you can use this for sauces and jams, it’s also terrific as a juicer. You need this Kitchenaid masticating juicer attachment if you already have a kitchen stand mixer and you don’t want a bulky stand-alone juicer to occupy space in your kitchen cupboards. With this attachment, you now have a convenient way of making juice for your fresh fruits and veggies.

What is a Masticating Juicer?

KitchenAid Masticating Juicer

So why get a masticating juicer in the first place? You’ll want to do this because drinking juice is a handy way of enjoying the vitamins, minerals, and other beneficial nutrients from your fruits and veggies. If you don’t like to eat all those fruits and veggies whole, it is convenient to just drink the juices instead.

You can even experiment with the various fruits and veggies and make your own combination of juices. The internet is full of these mixed recipes, and now you have the attachment that lets you to try them all.

You don’t have to eat your green stuff— you can just drink them instead! Add these to your Kitchenaid stand mixer attachments, and you can get your vitamins and minerals with your drinks.

How Well Does it Work?

First of all, this Kitchenaid masticating juicer and sauce attachment is actually quite a versatile attachment. With this you can make fresh tomato and apple sauce. But it’s the juicing that interests most people who get this.

It works well, especially for those who have experience using other juicers. Though it does take a bit of time to prepare your juice. So you may want to make a large batch of juice at a time.

The results are great for the most part. It works very well with carrots, as you don’t have to slice them to get them to fit in the feed tube. If you’re using apples, you’ll get the best results when you leave the peel on. The juice from grapes taste great, though it may be a bit inefficient as the pulp remains moist.

KitchenAid Masticating Juicer

Additional Tips

You need to watch the video on how to assemble the attachment, and perhaps you should have that video playing when you begin. It's easier to watch.

If you experience some clogging, try pouring a bit of water first as this often solves the problem. If that doesn’t work,  just stop and clean the auger.

If you have a high wattage KitchenAid stand mixer, you may want to try using the 6 or 8 setting instead of setting this to 10.


This comes with the standard 1-year warranty.


  • This measures 9.7 x 7 x 11.6 inches.
  • It comes with 3 pulp screens, an extra-wide feed tube and slicing blade, a pitcher, and a waste container.
KitchenAid Masticating Juicer


  • You can clean the parts by hand, but they’re also dishwasher safe.
  • It’s versatile, you can make sauces and jams as well fruit and vegetable juices.
  • With a variety of pulp screens available, you can opt for pulpy juice if you want.
  • It’s a very reliable device, and you can use this everyday with no trouble.
  • There’s a certain fun factor involved, especially if you’re interested in mixing up your fruits to get more interesting tastes.


  • It’s slightly annoying that there’s no reverse mode.
  • There are a few reviews around with various minor complaints, though KitchenAids great customer service team seems to have given replacements for any problems.

Consumer Ratings

For the most part, people love this attachment. It’s not all that hard to use, especially when compared to other juicers. The design is simple, so there’s less chance that something will go wrong with it.

However, there’s a feeling among many buyers that there wasn’t enough quality control for the older units.

This was a problem only for the earlier units and the newer ones don’t have this problem anymore.

At least there’s a nice 1-year warranty.

Who Is This KitchenAid Masticating Juicer and Sauce Attachment Best For?

This Kitchenaid stand mixer masticating juicer attachment is best for juicers who already have the KitchenAid stand mixer.

It’s for those who like to make large batches of juice to store in the fridge, so that they have a healthy alternative to store-bought juices that may contain lots of other chemicals and preservatives.

It’s also great if you like to try out different combos of fruits and vegetable juices. You can go online and discover literally thousands of suggestions for recipes.

Quick Video Review


You have to try this out if you’re into a healthy lifestyle. You get fresh juice with no preservatives, and using this isn’t hard at all - in fact - lots of fun!

Many juicing enthusiasts have discovered many recipes for mixed fruits and vegetables, and now you can try them out. You can even discover new recipes for yourself. When you can make healthy drinks in a fun way, you’ve got a winning kitchen appliance!

Your family will love it!

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