Which Kitchen Knife? Which Cut? – Infographic Reveals All !!!

How Do I Know What Knife To Use?

Which Kitchen Knife?

Which knife does what, when? Here is the answer - reveals which knife to use when!

Which Knife Should I Use For What?

Do you ever wonder what each kitchen knife in your knife block is for? Is it sometimes a lucky dip which knife you happen to use? Or even which is clean at the time? Are there knives in your knife block you have never used, simply because you don't know what each knife does, or once you've chosen the knife, what you can do with it?

If any of these are true for you, this infographic will help you every time you choose a knife!


Each Knife Does A Different Job

Did you know using the correct knife for each job, makes your job much easier in the kitchen? It also makes all the kitchen preparation simpler, quicker, and the result is definitely better quality.(definition by Wikipedia here)

Who would turn down better food? Less work?

First of all - which should you use for which purpose? And for Meat? Fish? Sandwiches? What about boning, slicing? There are a few that can slice? What does a fillet knife do?

Here's an infographic that reveals all. Which kitchen knife does what? What to use each knife for - it's all here.

This infographic covers each of these knives -

  1.  Chefs knife definition here

  2.  Sanutoku knife definition here

  3.  Bread knife definition here

  4.  Paring knife definition here

  5.  Filleting knife definition here

  6. Carving knife definition here

  7. Utility knife definition here

  8.  Boning knife definition here

  9. Slicing knife definition here

Learn how to use your knives!


How have you used this infographic? Did you use it to refer to when choosing which knife to use? What about printing it, and keeping it in your kitchen, near your knife block, so you always have a handy visual reference whenever you need it!

Enjoy your new reference in the kitchen, and feel free to share with anyone who may find this useful!

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  1. Now I know the differences in each knife and what one is best for using in my cooking. Definitely, makes a peeling or slicing easier when we use the correct size and blade in a cooking procedure. I am going to check out your sharpening post as that is a struggle to keep knives sharp.

    1. Hi Maria,
      Yes I love infographics – this is a good one to Pin on Pinterest to keep handy, or print out and have in your kitchen as a quick reference.

  2. Oh this is brilliant! I always wondered which knife was for each task. Now I know which knife to pick when I reach for one in the kitchen. It’s a nice clear chart for me to refer to and I think I might tag my carving knife because I want to get those nice slices every time I cook roast.

  3. My goodness! I was researching for information on a Santoku Knife and I come upon this beautiful and jam-packed with information site. No need to go anywhere else for anything knife related! Thank you, I too pinned your terrific infographic.

  4. Very interesting to know which knife to use on each job of cutting in the kitchen. I have some of these great knives. They make cooking so much easier. They are great. I love them.

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