GreenPan Chatham 15 Piece Cookware 2021 Review

GreenPan CC002283-001 Chatham Cookware Set, 15pc, Grey

GreenPan Chatham cookware sets, is it possible to get this sets?

It’s very possible that you can get a 10-piece set of cookware and feel that you don’t have enough pots and pans. There’s this feeling of envy and resentment when other folks talk about a certain pot they have in a certain size, and you realize that you don’t have it.

 So, if you’re looking to upgrade your cookware, you really should consider the 15-piece GreenPan CC002283-001 cookware set.

But what about the price? Granted, this is somewhat more expensive than a typical 10-piece set. Afterall, you’re getting more pieces. But then again, it’s not as if it’s50% more expensive than atypical 10-piece set. Besides, it’s also less expensive than certain 10-piece sets.

In the end, however, it’s really about the quality.

GreenPan Chatham Features

Some cookware sets are hardier than others. The GreenPan CC002283-001 is certainly among the toughest of them all. You know how some of the other pots and pans are oven-safe up to 400 degrees F? Other premium brands can go up to 500 degrees F in the oven. Yet GreenPan tops them all, because you can use this in ovens and broilers up to a temperature of 600 degrees. These pots and pans are so safe you won’t have to worry even they’re overheated. You can use these on induction cooktops as well

Your safety is absolute, in fact. There are no toxins in the materials used, so you won’t find PFOA. That’s already an industry standard, but GreenPan goes further by also not using any lead, cadmium, and PFAs. So even if you accidentally overheat the pan, you don’t risk creating nasty fumes. In fact, the ceramic non-stick coating surface is even derived from natural materials. It shouldn’t surprise you to realize that a brand with “green” in its name wouldn’t want to go with synthetic materials when it can help it.

So, what kind of pots and pans do you get? With 15 pieces, you certainly get a lot. These include the following key pots and pans:

  • 3-qt skillet with cover
  • Stainless steel steamer
  • 12-inch fry pan with cover
  • 9.5-inch open fry pan
  • 8-inch open fry pan
  • 8-qt stockpot with cover
  • 5-qt casserole pot with cover
  • 2-qt saucepan with cover
  • 1-qt saucepan with cover

All the lids are made of tempered glass, but they’re all safe to use in the oven nonetheless. Just make sure that when you have these lids in the ovens, you don’t go past 428 degrees F.

These use the special “Thermolon” ceramic non-stick. This means you get better frying results without using too much oil, and the cleaning afterwards is much easier when you don’t have to scrape off food bits from the cooking surface. Do be sure you get the latest version, however, as these are dishwasher safe and metal utensil-safe.

The handles are standard stainless steel, with a convenient design and angle. You even have hang holes for convenient wall storage.

In fact, you shouldn’t expect this set to fail you any time soon. The hard-anodized aluminum is hardy, and it’s resistant to scratching. It’s also blessedly easy to pour the sauces as these have drip-free edges.

All in all, it works very well with its excellent heat transfer and oven temperature limits. The non-stick makes things easy to clean, as you can always just wipe down with soap and water. But if you have a big mess, a dishwasher can come in handy as well.

GreenPan CC002283-001 Chatham Cookware Set, 15pc, Grey
GreenPan CC002283-001 Chatham Cookware Set, 15pc, Grey


  • 15 pieces with extra pots and pans
  • Non-stick for easy cleaning and food release
  • High temperature limit for oven use
  • Can be used for an induction cooktop
  • Toxin-free (no risk of dangerous fumes) and made from natural materials
  • Easy to clean and dishwasher-safe
  • Safe for metal utensils
  • Scratch-resistant construction
  • Drip-free edges


  • No insulation for the handles, so you’ll need pot holders to keep you from getting burned
  • No readily available info on warranty coverage

Consumer Ratings

The GreenPan pots and pans consistently receive good ratings, as they help you to find your time in the kitchen a lot easier. You can cook more easily and more evenly, and the food really doesn’t stick. Lots of people also appreciate how easy it is to clean up afterwards. For most, it’s just a quick soapy rinse with a sponge.

A certain group of people also appreciate the green aspect. With so many toxins used in materials these days, it’s nice to not have to worry about dangerous ingredients getting into the food while you inhale noxious fumes. This time you’re absolutely safe—even when you’re overheating the pots and pans.

Who Is This GreenPan Chatham For?

GreenPan CC002283-001 Chatham Cookware Set, 15pc, Grey

This for those who don’t have a really large budget but who still wants a really large set of pots and pans. You get 15 pieces of cookware here, which should alleviate any feelings of envy you might have when others have pots and pans that aren’t part of your set. This is great for adventurous cooks, as a large set of cookware can encourage you to try out new recipes.

This is also suited for you if you have an induction cooktop. Also, you should go for this set if you hate the 400-degree F limit that you often have to live with when using other sets. The pots and pans here won’t require you to find an alternative source of heating when the dish is already in the oven.

This isn’t for you, however, if you tend to forget about using pot holders. The handles here are nice-looking, but it’s not so nice when things get very hot. Unfortunately, this goes for the handles as well, and the lack of insulation can make things a bit dicey.

Should You Buy This?

If you want more cookware pieces without necessarily paying more, then you should consider this GreenPan set. It’s very well-made, and it offers nice food results and easy cleanup. With the high oven temperature limits and the suitability with induction cooktops, you may end up trying new recipes that can delight your entire family.

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