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Global Kitchen Knives Set Review 2019 – Why Is Global Design Better?

GLOBAL KNIVES is one of the most well-known kitchen knife companies in the world. Their sleek modern design and their overall bang for your buck place them on the world stage for professionals and home chefs alike. They offer exceptional value when bought in a set, however, there are so many to choose from. Here we look at what Global is good at, what knives are included in each set, and which is the right choice for you.

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There are many reasons you may be looking at a new kitchen knife set. Whether it’s buying a new home or registering wedding gifts, the kitchen knife set has become a ceremonial gift in the western world that represents independence and self-sufficiency.  Unfortunately, the vast bulk of knives sold are nothing more than cheap replicas peddled by marketing firms to people who don’t understand the value in quality kitchen tools.

A low-quality kitchen knife set really takes the passion out of food prep. Dull, and difficult to use, low-quality knives turn what should be an enjoyable experience, into a frustrating chore. The feeling of slicing with a sharp, and precise knife, cannot really be described, but after preparing a few meals with one, you really appreciate the value that the knife gives.

In the long run, a high-quality knife set will actually be less expensive than a cheap set from a big box store. High quality, high-end knives will last literally a lifetime and can even be passed down to the next generation if they are well cared for. A cheap knife set will rust, dull and break within several years, and need to be replaced. When you calculate the cost of buying one high-quality knife set in your life, against buying multiple cheap sets, the high-end option is actually the more economical one.

If you think it’s time to invest in quality kitchen knives, or you are looking to expand your collection, let’s look at what one of the world’s top manufacturers has to offer.


About GLOBAL Kitchen Knives

GLOBAL KNIVES is one of the most well-known kitchen knife companies in the world.  Their sleek modern design and their overall bang for your buck place them on the world stage for professionals and home chefs alike.
Started in 1985 in Niigata Japan, GLOBAL knives set out to make a range of kitchen knives with modern design and modern manufacturing processes in an industry steeped in tradition.  Competing in international trade shows, GLOBAL exploded in popularity during the 1990’s and won multiple awards.

Is a GLOBAL Kitchen Knife Set Good Quality?

GLOBAL kitchen knives are easily recognizable by their all steel, one piece design. This design is not only attractive but is exceptionally functional. Because a GLOBAL knife doesn’t have a bolster, and the blade seamlessly melds into the handle, there aren’t any creases and crannies for germs to hide. This makes the knife easy to clean, and maintain for a long life.

The black dots on the handle aren’t made of rubber like many people think. They are actually like the dimples on a golf ball and filled with black paint. These dimples are there for grip, and to give the knife a unique look, that is unlike any other on the market.

The GLOBAL company claims that their knives are made by hand. This is a little confusing because usually “made by hand” means that the knife is hand-forged, which is not the case with a GLOBAL knife. GLOBAL knives are stamped out of sheets of steel. The knives, while they look like they are one piece, are actually made from 3 pieces. You have the blade and then each side of the handle. The pieces are then all welded together by hand, and then the handle is filled with sand in order to perfectly balance the knife.

The fact that GLOBAL knives are stamped shouldn’t really worry you. While it’s true that there are higher end knives that are forged, a GLOBAL knife is made to such a high standard that it more than competes, it exceeds. GLOBAL isn’t the only top company that stamps kitchen knives either. More and more brands are finding that the quality of modern stamping processes makes stamping a viable solution.

GLOBAL knives have a long reputation among even the best chefs as a serious, quality knife. In fact, celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain had this to say about GLOBAL knives:

“Most of the professionals I know have for years been retiring their Wusthofs and replacing them with the lightweight, easy-to-sharpen and relatively inexpensive vanadium steel Global knives, a very good Japanese product which has – in addition to its many other fine qualities – the added attraction of looking really cool.”

What Kind of Blade does a GLOBAL Knife Have?

All GLOBAL kitchen knives are made from a proprietary steel called CROMOVA 18.  The “cro” stands for chrome, the “mo” stands for Molybdenum, and the “va” stands for Vanadium, while 18 is the percentage of chrome in the steel.  This steel is resistant to stains, rust and corrosion.  Some people have found that lemon based dish detergent does have a discoloring effect on the steel so be sure to use dish detergent without lemon.

GLOBAL knives have a hardness of blade usually in the 60’s. Theoretically, this means that the blade will lose its edge faster than other knives but I haven’t found that to be the case, in fact, the CROMOVA 18 steel is said to hold a razor sharp edge longer than any other steel.

Another interesting thing to note about the blades is that they have a straight 15-degree edge that tapers back about a quarter of an inch. This long taper helps to keep the blade sharper longer, as well as gives it that razor edge. And I do mean this blade is razor sharp. The G-2 (GLOBAL’s standard chef’s knife) will easily and effortlessly slice through a tomato again and again. You can cut slices so thin that they are transparent.

How Does a GLOBAL Knife Feel?

If you know anything about kitchen knives you will know that anything decent is generally made in two countries, Japan, and Germany. The German knives tend to be much heavier, thicker and more robust. The Japanese knives are a foot long claymore sword, while the Japanese ,are an evolution of the nimble and quick katana.

The Japanese tradition of light and nimble blades can be found in a GLOBAL knife. You will be surprised by just how light a GLOBAL knife feels compared to what you are used to. Even among other Japanese knives GLOBALs are very light. The 8-inch G-2 chef’s knife weighs just 5.5 ounces.

The handles on most GLOBAL kitchen knives are also uniquely shaped. You can see from the profile that they have a kind of triangular shape. Gripping one feels more ergonomic than a round Shun handle or a boxier German handle. Many women say that GLOBAL knives feel much more comfortable in smaller hands.

Now that we understand the GLOBAL kitchen knives as a brand, let’s look at some of the GLOBAL knife sets that are on the market.


G-888/91ST – 9 Piece GLOBAL Knife Set

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The 9 piece Global knife set comes with 8 blades and a knife block. I’ll get to the blades in a minute but first, let’s talk about the block. The block that comes in this package has space for ten knives, so after you put all eight in it from the package you will still have two slots open for expanding your set. Some people have complained that this knife block is kind of cheap. Some have a problem with the base of the block being uneven and wobbling back and forth. The block is also made of this brushed metal that shows fingerprints really badly and they are hard to wipe off. It’s true, the block is cheap but what you are really buying are the knives to go in it.

What knives come in the set?

G-3 carving knife, 21 cm or 8.27 inches. This knife is perfect for carving up a Thanksgiving turkey or a Christmas ham and serving it on the table.

G-9 bread knife, 22 cm or 8.66 inches. The long serrated edge of this blade will easily cut through the even the toughest crusts.

G-4 oriental cook’s knife, 18 cm or 7 inches. This knife does really well mincing and chopping vegetables.

GS-5 vegetable knife, 14 cm or 5.5 inches. The wide blade on this knife is great for slicing dicing and chopping vegetables.

GS-14 utility knife, 15 cm or 6 inches. Use this knife for small tasks like cutting sandwiches in half or slicing a sausage.

GS-3 cook’s knife, 13 cm or 5.1 inches. This is a general purpose knife that you can use for small tasks like cutting fruit.

GS-7 paring knife, 10 cm or 4 inches. This short blade is perfect for making precise cuts like taking a bruise off of an apple.

GSF-15 peeling knife, 8 cm or 3.15 inches. This knife is great for peeling and, unlike the other knives, is made from one solid piece of steel.

Conclusion on the G-888/91ST – 9 Piece GLOBAL Knife Set with Block

The 9 piece GLOBAL knife set comes with a lot of quality knives which is really where the problem is. This set is overkill if you ask me. Almost no one needs this many knives. Many of the knives in the set are generally used for the same thing, cutting vegetables and general use. Unless you are regularly cooking 4-course meals, I would suggest going for a simpler set.



G-835/WSD – 6 Piece GLOBAL Knife Set

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This knife set comes with 5 blades and a knife block. The block that comes with this set has space for nine knives and a slot on the top for a honing steel. This block also has black dots that go down the side. It definitely makes the block more attractive but this block suffers from the same problems that the other one has. It is cheaply made and attracts fingerprints.

What knives come in the set?

G-3 carving knife, 21 cm or 8.27 inches.  This knife could easily be your general use knife but it is made for carving big pieces of meat.

G-4 oriental cook’s knife, 18 cm or 7 inches.  The wide blade on this knife is great for use on vegetables.

G-9 bread knife, 22 cm or 8.66 inches.  This long serrated blade is built for sawing through a really tough crust.

GS-3 cook’s knife, 13 cm or 5.1 inches.  This small knife can be used for peeling an apple or cutting up small vegetables.

GS-7 paring knife, 10 cm or 4 inches.  This short knife gives your hand extra precision and should be used for small jobs.

Conclusion on the G-835/WSD – 6 Piece GLOBAL Knife Set

This knife set is a more reasonable size than the 9 piece set. I would prefer that either the G-3 carving knife, or the G-4 cook’s knife were replaced with the more versatile G-2 chef’s knife, but the G-3 and G-4 are still good choices. Overall this is a great knife set for a well-rounded chef.



G-835/WS – 6 Piece GLOBAL Knife Set

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If you want to save $100 off the price of the G-835/WSD on Amazon, then you should go with this set. Literally the only difference between these two sets is that the block that comes with the G-835/WSD has black dots on the side and the block that comes with the G-835/WS set does not. I don’t know about you but some painted on black dots is not enough to coax an extra $100 out of me.



Ikasu GLOBAL Knife Set 7 Piece

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This GLOBAL knife set comes with 6 knives and an attractive wood knife block. This knife block is different from the others. The knife block that comes with this set is made from bamboo and makes the blades visible through a few people have reported problems with the block being damaged when it comes in the mail, but GLOBAL customer service is very good and they will easily replace it if you have any problems. One thing I don’t like about this block is that is only has 6 slots and so you can’t expand your set.

What knives come in the set?

G-2 chef’s knife, 20 cm or 7.87 inches. This is the most versatile knife. This knife will be able to do 90% anything you need a knife for.

G-9 bread knife, 22 cm or 8.66 inches. This long, serrated bread knife is the same that coms in the other sets, and is excellent at cutting through crusts.

GS-5 vegetable knife, 14 cm or 5.5 inches. This vegetable knife has a wide blade that makes it great for dicing vegetables.

GS-3 cook’s knife, 13 cm or 5.1 inches. This is a small general purpose knife used for small or cut the bruise of a banana.

GSF-15 peeling knife, 8 cm or 3.15 inches. This small knife is used for peeling fruits and vegetables.

Conclusion on the Ikasu GLOBAL Knife Set 7 Piece

This is my favorite GLOBAL knife set. I like that this set includes the G-2 chef’s knife because it is the most versatile knife that you will do 90% of your cooking with. I also like the diversity of knives that come in this set. You don’t get two bread knives when you only need one, or three knives for chopping vegetables, each knife has a clear function, and deserves its space in the knife block. I would definitely rather have this wooden knife block over the metal ones.



G-48338 – 3 Piece GLOBAL Knife Set

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This knife set is simply a basic starter set. It includes 3 knives and no knife block or storage of any kind. That I think is the major flaw in this set. Someone buying a starter kitchen knife set probably doesn’t have a knife block already and keeping these knives in a drawer with the rest of your utensils isn’t good for them and isn’t good for your utensils either. Of course, you could always buy a separate knife block, or choose one of the new storage methods, like a magnetic rack.

What knives come in the set?

G-48 santoku knife, 18 cm or 7 inches. Santoku is just a Japanese style of blade where the back curves down the meet the edge. This blade is scalloped to help food from sticking to the blade. This knife is great for most uses like cutting meat or slicing vegetables.

ts and can be used for cutting vegetables or fruit.

GS-38 paring knife, 9 cm or 3.54 inches. This paring knife is made from a solid piece of steel and is great for when you need precision.

Conclusion on the G-48338 – 3 Piece GLOBAL Knife Set

This 3 piece set is a great starter set. The knives that come with this GLOBAL knife set will easily take care of most of your needs. Not coming with a knife block may be a deal breaker but you can always buy a knife block by itself. I would personally like to order a set that comes with the knife block so that I don’t have that hassle. I hope this Global Kitchen Knives Set review, has helped you make your choice.

“Be sure you invest in the only knives worth using – GLOBAL” – Matt Moran – Celebrity Chef


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