Easy Family Christmas Wrapping Paper Hack Solves Mess 2021

Family Christmas Wrapping

Who's up for an Easy Christmas Wrapping Paper Hack?

Now - just to be clear - this is so simple I can't believe I have never done it before - is that the definition of a great life hack? Well, life hack? Maybe not - but a great Christmas hack anyway!!!

If you have little kids, and your home is anything like mine - Christmas morning very little of it can be seen - just wrapping paper everywhere?


OK - keep reading!

Family Christmas Wrapping

In previous years my answer was to keep a big plastic trash bag handy, all the wrapping paper, as it got torn off the gifts went into the trash bag.

I know! Classy! Right?


So this year - we've got this!

Yes - it's a box - covered in Christmas wrapping paper!

Yes - it's so easy to do!

Yes - it actually looks good!

And yes - the challenge is that each person scrunches their wrapping paper small, and fires it into the box!

The box can be set in the middle of the floor, so everyone can toss their wrapping in.

Not only do you get a much tidier floor! But everyone has a great time.

This is designed to be a simple time saver, that keeps the room looking better throughout, better photos, less mess, no fighting about clearing up.

But to be honest - this is the sort of thing that can become a simple family Christmas Tradition. One of the things your kids will talk about decades later -

"Do you remember when Mom made the Wrapping Paper box? We all tossed our wrapping paper in there? I was so good at getting them all in..." etc

"Christmas is not as much about opening our presents as opening our hearts."

Janice Maeditere

Family Christmas Wrapping

BENEFITS of Family Christmas Wrapping

So - you get a tidier room, no-one has to pick up or collect all the paper, everyone has fun using it, family memories are being made.

Win! Win! All round!

Anyway, as I said - easy - why have I not done it before - I have no idea!

All it is is a big cardboard box - yes - I get those mailed with gifts in every year!

Wrap it up - yes - I wrap every year!

And use for a great tidy Christmas Day hack!

I've included a few pics of the construction of ours, but I'm guessing at this time of year - you've wrapped a box or two before!!!

So that's it!

Promised you an easy answer!

And I'd love to hear if you go ahead and make this, and how it works in your family.

Most importantly - have fun with this! Make Memories!


Finally, from Cook Love Eat - Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays! Enjoy Your Festivities! Love Your Family! 

Laugh! Smile! Hug! Enjoy!

That's what it's all about!

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  1. Hey, this Christmas box idea is just the ticket for any after Christmas wrap up! I love the great ideas I find reading your articles, especially this one because we now have heaps of wrapping paper to recycle thanks for tip it worked a treat.

    1. Hi Ingrid – it worked great in our home too. After the holidays, I just stored some Christmas stuff in the box itself, then stored the box in a trash bag – I will reuse it next year! It’s great extra storage too!

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