Easiest Microwave Baked Brie Hack Ever!

Baked Brie! Can You Microwave It?

Microwave Baked Brie

Can you microwave baked brie?

Do you love Baked Brie?
I do!
Some say that it's a travesty to bake brie, or cheese in general!
But if you don't - how do you make Baked Brie?

Now if you are getting cheese like the photo above - well different story!
Or if you are shopping in a 'fromagerie' like the one below...

Well, I've baked brie, and camembert, a few ways. I've served to many, and just my family.

Did I say 'Just'? No - What I meant to say was 'Especially' for my family! 
And my kids love it! But not as much as I do - lol!
So a quest started - to make Microwave Baked Brie - Just For ME! - Here's the story ...

Can You Make Baked Brie For One?

Microwave Baked Brie

Mini Brie Round

I probably wouldn't put the oven on, just to make it for me.
Change that -  I have never, ever, made it just for me - oops! that 'Just' word again - let's swap that to -
'I have never ever made Baked Brie especially for me!'

I'm trying so hard this year, to change my words, and thoughts, and actually do some stuff, that is just especially for me - so this post is a perfect example!

It all started when I noticed some baby rounds of both Brie, and Camembert in the store. 

It's approximately 4 oz, or 125g.

Now, some extra information - I had an extra jar of cranberry sauce in the cupboard, after Christmas.

And I have a set of these very cute, individual baking dishes.

Cute Cooking Pots

Cute Cooking Pots

Microwave Baked Brie

Can You Microwave Baked Brie?

I also have a microwave that has an oven function.

So the first Baked Brie was actually one for everyone, in their own individual pot. But, because that was still a small amount to bake, I put the little oven on, without the microwave, so I didn't have to use my very big oven.

I put the pots in, with the lids on. That may well have been a mistake. And they didn't bake. I kept checking them. No oozey gooey yumminess at all! The pots were hot. And the Brie was mostly hot. But no melting 🙁

My mind is beginning to stress - what if there's no Baked Brie?

So I put the microwave on low to help the oven, and sure enough, shortly, baking yumminess was appearing!

And - Baked Brie for everyone!
All was well! 
The End!
Well - Not Quite!!!

Can You Microwave Baked Brie?

Here's where it all get's exciting!!!
So, next day, my mind is wandering - what if you can just use the microwave? Would it melt too much? Would only the inside get melted? Would it explode?

Experiment 1 - Microwave Baked Brie

So, I got my trusty pot, another mini brie, and put it in the microwave. I chose a 50% power for a couple of minutes, and yes - all those worries can come true! Inedible Not Baked Brie was the result, and all I could do was throw it out.
And at that point, I just decided - no - you can't microwave baked brie.

So, just to check, I hunted on the internet a bit, and found that some others had also experimented with this, and that maybe it was the amount of power that was important. 
Hmmm...    Thinking...

And that started me on the investigation again -

Experiment 2 - Microwave Baked Brie

From more reading, I thought maybe, too much cooking, too quickly had caused the last failure. So this time I again put a mini brie in the pot.
This time I chose 30% power for 2 mins, and then 20% power for another 2 mins.


Microwave Baked Brie Results!

So, I got my individual baked brie!
And it was so yummy!
Of course, I ate it all by myself - with crusty bread, and enjoyed every bit!
And - Hooray!!! - Success!  
Gold Star! 
Something I did just for me!
(And you - of course!)

Microwave Baked Brie

Bubbly Brie

Recipe - So How Do You Do It?

Ingredients And What You Need -

  • Mini Brie (or Camembert if you choose?)
  • Cranberry sauce, or sauce or chutney of choice
  • Crusty bread strips for dipping
  • Mini cooking pot, or oven proof dish to fit your cheese


  • Grease, or oil oven proof dish, or cooking pot
  • Score mini brie, as in scoring method described below
  • Place brie in cooking pot
  • Put a generous teaspoon of cranberry sauce on top of cheese
  • Microwave at 30% power for 2 minutes
  • Check cheese to see if yummy gooey cheesiness?
  • If not, microwave at 20% power for 2 minutes
  • Now - your Microowave Baked Brie should be delicious, and ready to enjoy
  • Serve with crusty bread strips for dipping

Scoring Your Brie Before Cooking

Microwave Baked Brie

So do you eat the skin/rind of your brie?
I know some baked brie recipes say to score in a circle around the top circumference of the cheese, and to remove the skin, or rind.
I'm pretty sure that's because when you leave it intact, and go to dip into it, it can be a bit tricky dipping - and who wants that?

Not to worry - we have the answer!
You can eat every last bit of your yummy cheese!

SCORE!!! - (pun intended!)

Method for Scoring Brie

  • Using a small sharp knife, score around the side of the brie round, about half way up
  • Then score in a grid pattern on both the top, and the bottom of the round
  • Done - Easy!

So now you are fully prepared to go make your own Microwave Baked Brie!
Feel free to share with friends, and family.
But even more so, feel free TO NOT!

And most importantly, whatever you decide on that critical issue  - you've got -

Microwave Baked Brie - Enjoy!!!

Microwave Baked Brie

How To Score Brie

Microwave Baked Brie


If you don't have a microwave - here's a short video on how to make Baked Brie in the oven - or click here for an oven instructable

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