The 2021 Easy Christmas Dessert Hack!

Need A Christmas Dessert?

Need something that's quick?
That everyone will love?
But you still want it to have that 'Christmassy' feel?

Don't worry!

We've got you covered!
And not only will it make a great dessert on it's own, but it also will add extra Pizzazz to just about any other Christmas Dessert you already have planned!

So - what is it?

Christmas Dessert

Christmas Pudding Ice Cream!

Christmas Dessert

So here's what you need ...

  1. Quality vanilla ice cream
  2. Christmas Pudding

That's it!
That's it!

So here's the directions -

  1. Leave ice cream out of freezer for 10 - to 15 minutes to soften
  2. Place ice cream into a large bowl
  3. Crumble Christmas Pudding into the same bowl
  4. Mix pudding and ice cream together
  5. Place combined ingredients into freezer box
  6. Freeze for a couple of hours, or until needed


So, on placing the mixed ice cream into the freezer, it will be much softer than when you started. Don't worry! This is normal.

Also, the ice cream absorbs most of the pudding so the volume doesn't increase much. I was able to place the combined pudding and ice cream back into the container that I bought the ice cream in.

Odd! Very odd! But helpful!!!

How much ice cream, and pudding you need will vary depending on how many people you need to serve, and how much you want the taste to be of Christmas Pudding.

And don't over-mix! It's great to have a few chunks of pudding in there, and some chunks of the vanilla ice cream - personal preference, of course!

To help with ratios I used about 2 quarts of ice cream, combined with 1 lb Christmas pudding. (I actually found a chocolate Christmas Pudding, which is delicious, and a big hit with my kids - lol)

So now - the quickest easiest dessert ever?

Christmas Dessert

Mince Pie Christmas Pudding Ice Cream

The easiest thing ever - a Christmas Mince Pie plus some of your newly crafted Christmas Pudding Ice Cream.
2 minutes.

Simple - Yes!

Easy - Yes!

Yummy - Yes!

It's the dessert you can whip up at a moments notice - and though it is clearly pre-prepared - it is also delicious, and has that traditional Christmas taste!!!

No need for baking, no need to get out the flour, or buy special ingredients!

Everyone loves this! Loves it!!!

Feel free to experiment! Different flavor ice cream, different puddings, different quantities of each - these are all up to you! You can personalize this to your hearts content!

Let us know what combinations you came up with. What was a hit in your home? Did you use this for Christmas? Will you keep a combination you've invented in your freezer, as an emergency dessert?

Can't wait to hear how you get on...

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    1. Jeffry – even someone that never cooks, or even visits the kitchen can do this! Go on – be brave! It’s actually also an ideal project to do with kids – they really like turning one flavor ice cream into a different flavor, and of course they love all things Christmas!

    1. Good idea Kristy – it’s so open to personalizing – it could be a different dessert every time – so many options – maybe we just have to try them all!

  1. This is awesome! Thanks. Honestly, I have tried so many desserts at Christmas and this one will be hit. Everyone likes ice cream and everyone likes Christmas pudding. This is going to be so easy and I’m thrilled I found your recipe!

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