Chefman 6 Qt 9-in-1 Electric Multicooker 2021

Here is the Chefman 6 Qt Multi Cooker.

Nowadays we sure do have it better than earlier generations when it comes to cooking food.

Now we can get multicookers, and all we have to do is choose one among so many excellent options.

 With the Chefman Multifunctional Cooker, you tick off all the boxes that define what makes a fantastic multicooker. That’s because it’s a 9-In-1 programmable pressure cooker so you get a wide variety of meals. It’s so easy to use and clean, and the price is astonishingly low given how helpful this really is.

Features of the Chefman 6 Qt

This is a terrific all-around multicooker, as it offers you lots of functions in just a single gadget. With this multicooker you can cook meats and veggies, but it’s also a Chefman rice cooker. In addition, this Chefman multicooker is also a yogurt and soup maker.

We’re reviewing the 6-quart version, which should be good enough for daily meals for your family. There’s also the smaller 2.5-quart version if you live alone, but upgrading to this larger version makes sense as it only costs a bit more.

It doesn’t take up much space, as it measures 13 x 13.8 x 15 inches. It’s not too heavy either at about 10.5 pounds, as it’s made of aluminum.

This includes 9 programmable functions, including cooking with high and low pressure. You can also press a button to brown meats and stews for your stews, sear roasts, and sauté your veggies. Steaming  food is also an option, and you have a steaming rack you can put into the pot. With its 1000 watts, you can get things done much more quickly.

If you want, you can even slow cook the food as you can set the timer to 30 minutes up to 12 full hours. Slow cooking tends to offer really savory and delicious foods, and it’s also great if you want to start cooking in the morning so when you come back from the office later in the evening the food is nicely warm and tasty waiting for you. It’s great when you come home tired and all you need to do is to open the lid to get a whiff of the aroma and flavor waiting for your taste buds.

The user interface is simple enough to use, with a clear digital display for the timer and buttons all around for different cooking methods and dishes. You can adjust the time, pressure, and temperature, plus there are buttons to delay the start of the cooking process and to keep the food warm when it’s done cooking. No more cold dishes for you, especially with the delay timer up to 24 hours. Other buttons are for rice, soup/stew, chili/beans, and beef/poultry.

This comes with 7 safety mechanisms to make sure you and the unit are alright when you use this. These safety precautions include a stainless-steel lid that remains cool to the touch even when you’re cooking food, and a carry handle with a locking feature to make it easy to move and transfer. As it’s lightweight and comes with a lock for the lid, you can safely use it for potlucks, picnics, or for RV campsites.

It’s easy enough to clean, as the pot insert has a non-stick surface. It’s also dishwasher safe. You can easily remove the gasket from the lid so you can clean the gasket and the lid with no trouble. You can even just clean the lid with a cloth.

It’s also quite durable, and you have a 30-day money back guarantee along with a 1-year warranty. Your purchase comes with a measuring cup and a rice paddle.

You also get Chefman resources such as tutorial videos and step-by-step recipes, so you really can use this even if you don’t think of yourself as much of a cook.

Picking this Chefman 6 Qt Multifunctional Cooker is an easy choice to make, because there’s no doubt that it makes everything easier for you in the kitchen.

You can cook for couples or a family, prepare meals at a touch of a button very quickly, keep food warm, transfer the pot to a new location and clean the pot without any hassle whatsoever. Even the price is easy on your bank account.


  • 1000 watts
  • 6-quart capacity, measures 13 x 13.8 x 15 inches
  • 10.5 pounds weight
  • 9 programmable functions
  • 24-hour delay timer
  • 12-hour slow cooker
  • Keep warm feature
  • Accessories include measuring cup and rice paddle
  • 7 safety features
  • 30-day money back guarantee and 1-uear warranty


  • It’s easy to use with the 1-touch buttons
  • It offers a wide range of cooking options
  • It gives you terrific meat dishes, while the veggies are fantastic
  • The delay timer lets it start cooking when you want
  • The keep warm feature makes sure your food is nice and hot when you’re ready to eat
  • The light weight, handle, and locking lid makes it easy to transport to a new location
  • The inner pot is non-stick and dishwasher-safe, making it easy to clean
  • You can store the lid on either side of the pot when you lade food.
  • It comes with measuring cup and rice paddle
  • It’s amazingly affordable


  • It would have been nice if there’s a larger version (like an 8-quart) for larger families and when friends come over

Consumer Ratings

It’s not surprising that people just love this, as it is terrific considering how affordable it really is. There truly is nothing wrong with it, and it gets everything right. People marvel at how tasty their dishes end up, and they appreciate how easy it is to clean as well. For the most part, complaints are mainly about the 1-year warranty. Many users think this should be longer.

Who Is The Chefman 6 Qt For?

The Chefman 6 Qt is for an average family with a cook who doesn’t really want to be an expert cook in the traditional manner. With this secret weapon (though it’s not so secret), you can end up with delicious meals even if all your cooking expertise is about following recipes and pushing a button. In the end, it’s all about the results.

Quick Video Overview


This Chefman 6 Qt 9-in-1 Electric Multicooker is for those who want things easy. It’s a great all-around multicooker, with lots of functions while it’s easy to use and clean. Even if you’re living alone or as a couple, get this size instead of the smaller 2.5-quart version. It’s not much more expensive, and you can impress your guests when they come over.

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