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Is Valentine’s Day For Kids? Make Them Feel Special!

What Does Valentine’s Day Mean To You?I remember in my younger days, Valentine’s Day wasn’t always all that happy. Sometimes was, sometimes wasn’t…There was worry that it wouldn’t live up to expectations. If it did, guilt about all the extra cost and expense, I mean more than another day! You know – when the cost […]


Easiest Microwave Baked Brie Hack Ever!

Baked Brie! Can You Microwave It?Do you love Baked Brie?I do! Some say that it’s a travesty to bake brie, or cheese in general! But if you don’t – how do you make Baked Brie? Can you microwave baked brie? Now if you are getting cheese like the photo above – well different story!Or if you […]


Christmas Dessert Hack! In 2017 You’ll Love This Simple Easy Ice Cream!

Need A Christmas Dessert?Need something that’s quick? Easy? That everyone will love?But you still want it to have that ‘Christmassy’ feel?Don’t worry!We’ve got you covered!And not only will it make a great dessert on it’s own, but it also will add extra Pizzazz to just about any other Christmas Dessert you already have planned!So – […]


KitchenAid 2017 Artisan Mini Stand Mixer Best For Small Kitchens!

  Just because you have a small kitchen, doesn’t mean you can’t go all out ‘gourmet cook’. You’ve probably seen the regular sized Kitchen Aid Artisan Stand Mixer in your local store, or on cooking competitions. Now Kitchen Aid has created a stand mixer that is 20% smaller and 25% lighter, than the Kitchen Aid Artisan. […]


Easy Beef And Vegetable Casserole

Easy Beef And Vegetable Casserole Enjoy cooking this wonderfully hearty, and comforting recipe – just right for when you need some home cooked goodness, to warm your stomach, and your heart! Cooking like this is fun, especially with quality knives to assist in cutting the meat and veg! This recipe features a step-by-step procedure to help […]

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