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– What’s the best kitchen knife set? And how do you use them? What are knife skills? How do you learn those? Which of the latest ‘fads’ in cookware are essential, and which are not worth the money? Are you a professional chef? A Masterchef? A passionate home cook? What are the latest gadgets? Do they work? Will you use it? Need to know where to go? What to buy? How to use it? You’re in the right place! Phew!!!  – We do lots of reviews, so we can lose the confusion about products! We will have tutorials to learn our new skills. We will look at expert opinions! It’s all here!


– Dinnertime conversations to connect with your kids? Did you know that those families who eat together, stay together? Did you know the kids whose families eat together have healthier lives – wait for it – for their WHOLE LIFE???  So let’s look at that, let’s explore some ideas to make that happen. Maybe for you, that’s making cooking easy, so you can manage that frantic dinner preparation. Maybe it’s having a list of a few great questions that will spark conversations with your kids, that will bind you together, connect you, build trust, fun, and laughs! Maybe it’s a really knock-out recipe for a special occasion, one that will make memories. Let’s connect with food, and our families!


– Which recipe is great for breakfast? What about a great dinner? How to use our great kitchen tools and cookware to make this fantastic food. Or what about the freezer cooking craze? – does that give you more time with family and friends? Share your favorite recipes. Find new winners! Make a new recipe become your family favorite!

We are here because we love food! We love the modern kitchen, with all it’s potential, from dry ice, to sous vide! From traditional to ‘out-there’! We love to hear new things, try new food, use new techniques, and new products. Share our enthusiasm, join us in our passion –



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